Autumn Nights & City Lights

Bright but minimal and elegant

When you have a fantastic view, a stunning couple and a great atmoshepere it’s really important not to ruin it by massive decoration a florstics.

Our designer took the minimal route on this one, and it won, it was minimalist yet bright, positive and gorgeous

relaxed morning, it's time to get ready

For the bride & groom preparation we picked a backyard garden near a small boutique in the old town, were they could enjoy a relaxed brunch before getting to the photo shooting, the concept was a continuation of the main wedding idea

At the same time in few minutes walk from the backyard garden everything was ready for the main event. Surprised guests, were welcomed at a cozy rooftop in the heart of Kyiv.

Coziness above all

It was a calm evening without deafening MC shouts, without a strict schedule. but it was loud from sounds of whiskey rocks, piano keys and joy laughs.

There's something in the atmosphere

There something special about having a glass of your favorite cold prosecco, having a taste of vitello tonnato while listening to piano jazz and enjoying the sunset from Kyiv old town rooftop with you best friends, family and your beloved.

Sounds like a receipt for a Woody Allen movie or an evening to remember

Nastia Zakordonets | Munich, Germany
Nastia Zakordonets | Munich, Germany@nastia.zakordonets
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Recently heard of an observation that summer-autumn is a time when everyone gets married and autumn-winter - when all social networks become wedding photo albums, so you know exactly who got married when. πŸ˜‚ And this year we’re not an exception πŸ˜‰. Just got our photos from our amazing photographers and went back into our day. The day when Daniel Rios Solis told us not to worry about anything, forget where our phones are and just enjoy. And it totally worked. Apple Pie Weddings did everything perfectly and I was only a bit stressed before and during the ceremony, who knows why πŸ™‚. But even then Igor Andreichyn knew exactly what I need to hear in order to get calm again. Somehow he always knows what I need to hear when worried or stressed. And some hugs, of course, they always work 😊 Thank you to everyone involved in the organization and our beloved family and friends for making this day so damn good and helping us keep the memories of our day. P.S. Share your happy moments with the loved ones and celebrate life ❀️