Botanical Garden

Unsual location

The wedding was set up at the central botanical garden,  in the apple orchard area which.
A place that is not ready to host events at all, as there is not electricity, water an other needed technical capabilities.

However we at Apple Pie Weddings, created the needed comfort & technical base to host a cozy & trendy wedding, without any limitations. 

Classy Alternative

The dusty blue was present also in the bride, groom and even bridesmaids & guests attire.

this created a very stylish look for the whole wedding series, with a shining alternative dusty blue bride dress & a retro classy grooms attire.

Dinner at the garden

With our catering partners, needed furniture and tableware we created a pleasant three course & wine dinner atmosphere straight at the garden.

Dance & Joy

After the dinner a funky & rock’n’roll dj set was played, followed by a touchy ambiance.

Aleksandra Koshlo | Malmö, Sweden
Aleksandra Koshlo | Malmö, Sweden
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The wedding was beyond expectations, thank you very much, for this wonderful day.