Electric Eclectic

Art object

This concept was so good, that it looked like a contemporary art exposition, with every detail taking care of, with original individual menus for each guests with their name handwritten by calligraphy mixed with designer tableware, transparent stylish Louis Ghost chairs, Scandinavian wooden tables and minimal floral decorations.

Only friends allowed

What about throwing a wild wedding party with your best friends from all over the world in Kyiv, Jade and Veronika just did it, they came from Copenhagen, and invited guests from all over the world to throw the loudest party in Kyiv on that day.

At the same time in few minutes’ walk from the backyard garden everything was ready for the main event. Surprised guests, were welcomed to a cozy rooftop in the heart of Kyiv.

Coziness above all

We had two drinking zones, one is the mixology coctail zone, where guests could enjoy classic whiskey sour and some original options, on the other side we had beer point with craft beer options.

Lounge zone with neon sigh, comfy sofas and a great view, just the place you need when you have to take a break for a mixology cocktail between dj sets.

There's something in the atmosphere

We always say that your guests will act according to your mood, those to had the mood to party till the early morning, guess what, they did

So if you hesitate if it worth to party in Kyiv, we just say don’t! just ask those guys

Veronica Silver | Copenhagen, Denmark
Veronica Silver | Copenhagen, Denmark@veronica.silver.921
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Thank you for an unforgettable party, all of our friends felt in love with Kyiv and loved our wedding.