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amber, beige & cinnamon

How often you have seen wedding reception design using Terra-cotta, and different variations of brown\cofee colours? This mix gave some pure fine art feeling to this warm September evening.

This wedding planning started one month and two weeks before the due date, and one month before it we already had a confirmed concept, the result is below.


We believe that the is no need in holding onto one single style in wedding concepts, however, on that one, we maintained a straight connection between ceremony, lounge, reception zone and even the invitations.

When we were young

They met each other for the first time when they were 9 years old, they are together for a while, and after spending many years together they decided to throw a party, which was great. this proves our idea that it’s never too early nor too late to have a wedding of your dreams.

Elena Bagrii | Kyiv, UA
Elena Bagrii | Kyiv, UA@elena.bagrii.1
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If you suddenly doubt whether it is possible to plan a great wedding in one month, trust us you may ask Daniel Rios Solis (I guess he and the Apple Pie Weddings team can do it faster :). I’m madly glad that we were able to gather our relatives and celebrate.