En Plain Air

amber, beige & cinnamon

Have you ever seen a wedding reception design using terra-cotta and various shades of brown and coffee? This unique combination gave a pure fine art feel to the warm September evening. Despite the short timeframe of one month and two weeks before the due date, we were able to confirm the concept a month before the wedding and bring it to life. Check out the result below.


We at Apple Pie Weddings believe that there is no need to limit yourself to a single style in wedding concepts. However, in this particular wedding, we maintained a consistent connection between the ceremony, lounge, reception zone, and even the invitations.

When we were young

It’s a heartwarming story that they met each other for the first time when they were 9 years old and have been together for many years. They finally decided to celebrate their love with a beautiful wedding party, which was a great success. This is a testament to our belief that it’s never too early or too late to have the wedding of your dreams.

Elena Bagrii | Kyiv, UA
Elena Bagrii | Kyiv, UA@elena.bagrii.1
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If you suddenly doubt whether it is possible to plan a great wedding in one month, trust us you may ask Daniel Rios Solis (I guess he and the Apple Pie Weddings team can do it faster :). I’m madly glad that we were able to gather our relatives and celebrate.