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Colors that inspire

If you thought loft weddings were all about raw materials and rough designs, think again! With a touch of greenery and elegant quality materials, as well as stylish furniture, you can achieve a chic, ultra-modern look that will make your wedding unforgettable.


At our recent planned loft wedding, we used a combination of chivary transparent chairs, a minimalist ceremony arch, and a mix of dark and bright textiles, accented with golden elements, to create one of the most stylish weddings of the season. Don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch to create a wedding that is uniquely you.

Modern Hall

For the wedding ceremony, we chose a bright and airy hall filled with colorful and vibrant flower arrangements, complemented by lush greenery.

Look how they shine for you

The live band played a rocking set that kicked off with Coldplay’s “Yellow,” which was the perfect choice for our lovely couple’s first dance. The energy and excitement of the music kept the guests dancing all night long.

Marina Koval
Marina Koval@koval.marinana
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We never hoped that we could enjoy the day so much! Everything was so wonderful that it's even hard to describe! Our family is grateful for all the work, for every little detail, for the endurance and patience! The result is million times exceeded the expectations! Thrive and make everyone happy as we are! Having a look at all the wedding planners in our area, their Instagram accounts, websites, we picked @applepieweddings, Daniel Thank you for the planning process, the atmosphere and the great team provided.