Love & Dancing ♪

Sea Side white

When throwing a party the near the sea, there is not better color than white for the scenery, added by colorful details.

Sunset Ceremony

Just opposite to the reception area, we’ve had a comfortable lounge zone, and the ceremony zone, which was activated during the sunset, with loved ones saying the right words to each other, in front of their closest ones. 


It’s not just a slogan, it’s  the theme for this wedding, more than half of the guests were pro dancers, and trust us they know how to throw a party, with dancing, laughing & lot’s of fun.

Nataliia Gorodina
Nataliia Gorodina@nataliia.gorodnia
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We would like to thank our friends for sharing unforgettable emotions with us and helping to create a fabulous atmosphere that would not be possible without you. It was fabulous because we got to our wedding party straight from our flight to Kyiv. This happened only thanks to Apple Pie Weddings team. Thanks to designer for the magical scenery ✨, our photograhpers who caught all the magic moments 📸, live band for and awesome live set 🎼, and an energetic host who added even more energy to this wonderful evening together with the DJ Special thanks to Daniel Rios Solis 🎉 for the fact that all the above-mentioned people were at the right time in the right place and the party was a success! 😂