Rhytm of our life


Choosing the right wedding photographer is crucial to capturing the essence and emotions of your special day.


At wedding photography pick, we understand the importance of creating warm, intimate, and beautiful photographs that will last a lifetime. Our skilled photographers use a variety of techniques to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your wedding photos. From selecting the perfect lighting to capturing candid moments, we take great care to ensure that your photographs are timeless and breathtaking. Our passion for photography and attention to detail make us the perfect choice for your wedding photography needs.


Our wedding reception format is far from traditional and classic. Instead, we offer a unique and unconventional approach that includes a variety of elements such as pillows, books, carpets, coconuts with fruits, a cinema zone, and a dance floor that doubles as a carpet zone.

Relax & Joy

It’s not about adhering to traditions or conforming to the perspectives of others. It’s about seeing the world through your own lens, immersing yourself in the experience, and savoring every moment. By embracing your unique perspective, you can fully enjoy and cherish your special day, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

No host

While it may be unusual for most, our event was a unique experience that didn’t require a traditional host or emcee. Instead, the focus was on the electrifying DJ sets and the shining smiles of our guests.


We created a fun and memorable atmosphere that allowed our guests to let loose and enjoy themselves without the need for a formal host or MC.

Veronica Krasovska
Veronica Krasovska@veronicalilu
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I would like to say thanks to Daniel & Apple Pie Weddings, it's so great when you can understand each other immediately